At Wellcare Pharmacy, we are a friendly, family oriented health care team. We strive to provide the type of care and service for every individual in the way that healthcare should be provided; with the patient’s interest first and foremost. We care about what we do and we are driven by passion to offer every individual the best healthcare experience. We are a pharmacy team that cares about you and your family and your health care needs. Our pharmacies have access to the most current pharmaceutical resources and our staff offers a wealth of experience in optimizing medication utilization. We offer friendly service from a pharmacy team that treats you like you’re part of the family. We are always willing to “go the extra mile” to support the needs and requirements of our customers and patients. As pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, it is our duty to consider your health and wellbeing above all else. At the Wellcare Pharmacies, we do just that.



Wellcare Pharmacies can compound your prescriptions. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff that can design and produce consistent and high quality custom topical compounds that have proven to be effective pain management solutions. Our compounding pharmacists develop and test various combinations of active and inactive pharmaceuticals and delivery methods to promote the creation of formulations that are efficacious, stable, simple to use, and pharmaceutically elegant.

Meds Check Program

MedsCheck is a service that gives a 20 to 30 minute one-to-one meeting with one of our pharmacists. We can help make sure that you are safely and appropriately using all types of medication (including over the counter medication). It can be an all-inclusive medication review. It’s also free service that is paid for by OHIP. The MedsCheck meeting is your chance to talk about general medication concerns and if needed, your doctor can be contacted regarding those concerns.

Counselling and Consultations

If you have any questions regarding your health, your pharmacist is often the first and most accessible health care professional you can visit in your community. Not only are pharmacists medication experts, but they are also knowledgeable in the areas of disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, and general health and wellness. Our pharmacists will work with you to make sure that you and your loved ones are at ease and have a complete understanding of their medications.

Diabetes Advice and Meter Training

For all our patients who have diabetes, we offer a Diabetes Meds check review where we will discuss your current medications as well as any potential obstacles and successes you may have had in your diabetes management. Our staff can also help you to choose the best glucometer to suit your needs. Help us help you. Let’s beat Diabetes together.

Free Prescription Delivery

We would love to see you in our store but we understand access to transportation or getting to the pharmacy can be difficult. We want to make sure that you have access to your medications at the times where you can’t make it to the pharmacy and that is why we will deliver your medications to your front door. Wellcare pharmacy fills and delivers thousands of prescriptions to the homes and offices of patients around the GTA. Please contact us for more details.

Medication Organizer Packaging

Medications work well if they are taken correctly and at the right time. This can be hard if you or your loved ones take multiple medications. We can help by preparing special packaging that will help you keep track of the timing and the amount you need to take for each of your medications. Wellcare Heartlake Pharmacy has a Meds Check program that allows you to schedule a 20 to 30 minute one-to-one meeting with the pharmacist to ensure that you are safely and appropriately using all types of medication.